Part Number: SFP1000
Part Number: SFP1000
Level small irregularities in surfaces of steel, aluminium, wood, concrete and polyester. Fine Putty is easy to sand, elastic and resprayable with all lacquer systems. Fine Putty has a very fine structure and excellent adhesion and is resistant to chemicals and the weather. Fine Putty can be applied in layers with a thickness up to 0.5 cm.
Variants: SFP
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Product Details

LEVEL SMALL IRREGULARITIES – our easy to use 2-component Fine Putty can smooth small irregularities like holes in surfaces of steel, aluminium, wood, concrete and polyester with excellent adhesion. Can be applied directly in layers into the damaged area and will fill up to a thickness of up to 0.5 cm.

VERY FINE STRUCTURE – it can be very easily hand sanded after 30 minutes. Because of its very fine and elastic structure, it can be used as a finishing putty to create a perfect surface.

QUICK CURING TIME – our Fine Putty once mixed with the hardener has a pot life (working time) of 3 to 5 minutes at an ideal processing temperature of 15°C to 25°C. The curing time depends on the ambient temperature.

RE-SPRAYABLE – Fine Putty is re-sprayable with all lacquer systems after just 60 minutes curing time. It is then resistant to chemicals and weather influences.

PREVENT CORROSION – our extensive range of putties can effectively help to repair panel and component damage so that your vehicle is no longer exposed to corrosion.

IDEAL REPAIR AREAS – Fine Putty can be applied to vehicle areas such as door panels, wing panels, bonnet and bumpers.

EASILY SANDED - Easily sanded and shaped to the exact bumper contour

POT LIFE - 3 - 5 minutes

SANDABLE - 30 minutes

RESPRAYABLE - 60 minutes

APPLICATION -  Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Concrete and Polyester.

Product Specifications
Product Data
Brand Simply Auto
Package Length 11.5cm
Package Width 11.5cm
Package Height 11.5cm
Package Weight 1125g
Country of Origin HOLLAND
Commodity Code 32082090
Barcode 5037409310473
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