Company History

Early Days....

Jon Page, the business founder, had an early career in sales management in the automotive industry but after being made redundant in 1981 decided to start out on his own. 

Initially as an agent and then increasingly also as a stockist, the business started to grow in terms of product range - from dry batteries and chamois leathers to a growing range of consumables that became the Tecniks brand.  Space was needed – products were initially stored under kids beds and the home garage - but after a year or two the business needed a small lock-up, and then a larger lock-up.. and eventually to a small warehouse on the Lancing Business Estate in Sussex.    

Jon’s son, Ollie Page, joined in 2005 and after learning the ropes for a few years had sights on large nationals as well as securing supply chains through building relationships, and eventually a team, in the Far East.  The company grew rapidly in the following years, and in time, with the addition of two more premises in Lancing, outgrew them all. 

Kelly Page, Jon’s daughter, joined in 2016 to bolster financial and operational support, and the reins of the business were passed from Jon and Gaye to Kelly and Ollie to drive the next stage of growth.

Last 5 years..

The last 5 years have been transformational and fast-moving for the business; with the consolidation of premises in 2019 to our purpose-built warehouse in Chichester, the additions of top quality internationally renowned brands, supply agreements with all major UK automotive retailers, significant growth in non-automotive sectors, and the continuous building of our team… oh, and an acquisition of the Autobar consumables brand in 2020.. and the addition of more warehouse space early 2021..

It's not been quiet, but we are proud of what we have achieved with our team and are looking forward to the future when we hope to build on what we have, continue to serve our customers well, continue to distribute great products at competitive prices, develop and build our team, and continue on our journey.

We’d love you to join us – if we can help in any way in terms of supply, distributing a top brand, or if you want to join our team, please do get in touch.  In the meantime please do check out all of our great products and brands and any comments you have on any of these, do get in touch.

Ollie Page, Managing Director 

Kelly Page, Finance Director