Part Number: BTC-6005
Part Number: BTC-6005
Our new battery chargers offer intelligent design in a solid metal case. With a 7 step charging program the battery charger will improve any vehicle or leisure battery performance with options for acid and lithium-ion batteries and a range of charging currents.
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Product Details

PRECISE LED OUTPUT DISPLAY – featuring an easy-to-view LED output display that actively displays in real-time the current charging voltage. Not only can you visually check the progress of the battery charging session, there are also additional LED indicators highlighting the charging status out of 100%, Winter Charging Mode, 6/12V battery voltage and a Fault indicator for incorrect clamp connection/short circuit. Our practical 2/5Amp 6/12V Heavy Duty Smart Battery Charger effectively restores lost performance for stronger engine starts and extended battery life up to 100AH chargeable capacity. 

FULLY ADJUSTABLE – the voltage select ‘mode’ button allows you to simply toggle between 6V or 12V dependent on the battery’s voltage type that will be specifically mentioned on your battery’s rating label. This battery charger is able to maintain STD, AGM and GEL type batteries underlining this model’s flexibility.

PORTABLE DESIGN – measuring just 11cm (H) x 15.5cm (W) x 10.5cm (D), you can take this robust Heavy Duty Smart Battery Charger everywhere with you as it won’t take up much storage space in your vehicle, home or workplace. With an integrated carry handle that makes handling this heavy-duty battery charger very easy.

7-STEP SMART CHARGING PROGRAM – this default program setting allows for optimisation of battery power without overcharging or damaging comprising of Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Battery Test, Recondition and Floating. 

WINTER CHARGING MODE – an advanced specialised setting for charging your battery in winter weather conditions to sustain longer battery life.

4X SAFETY PROTECTION FEATURES – providing peace of mind when in use, this intelligent battery charger has built-in circuit protection safeguards for your battery against High Temperature, Short Circuits, Overcharging and Reverse Polarity. With this level of protection, you’ll be reassured that you can enjoy carefree, long-term maintenance charging while preventing any dangerous situations from happening while you’re away.

HASSLE-FREE BATTERY CHARGING – just plug in the wall charger, connect to the battery using the fully insulated connection clamps, select a charge mode, and start charging your battery. A fully-automatic, hassle-free battery charger for all-year-round use.

SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES – effortlessly charge and maintain cars, motorbikes, vans, SUVs, small lorries, boats, caravans, classic cars, leisure vehicles, and much more.

Product Specifications
Product Data
Brand Simply Auto
Package Length 23cm
Package Width 18cm
Package Height 11.5cm
Package Weight 1200g
Country of Origin CHINA
Commodity Code 85392930
Barcode 5056563102281
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