Part Number: QRP1
Part Number: QRP1
It is time to bring on the QUIXX Paint Repair Pen if the special polish cannot improve matters then. The paint repair pen even manages to get extreme cases back under control: Stone chips and very deep scratches and scuffs that even go as deep as the primer. The unique pen tip and genuine clear coat filler in the pen can fill and repair damaged areas, preventing the development of corrosion and oxidation.
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Product Details

ALL PAINT COLOURS - Suitable for all colours and gloss paints (also metallic).

EASY TO USE - Simple, fast and effective application.

CLEAR COAT - The clear coat filling in the pen combines harmoniously with the original paint.

PRECISE APPLICATION - The special pen tip enables particularly precise working.

PROTECTS - Where paint has left metal exposed the pen will protect against rust and corrosion.

Contents: 1 clear coat pen

Made in Germany

Product Specifications
Product Data
Brand Quixx
Package Length 21cm
Package Width 9cm
Package Height 5cm
Package Weight 48g
Country of Origin Germany
Commodity Code 34053010
Barcode 4028778002534
Check Out The Video Content!
Check Out The Video Content!

Repair it yourself!

Step 1 - Clean the area.

Step 2 - Shake pen well. 

Step 3 - Pump clear-coat into the tip.

Step 4 - Apply a thin layer and cure for 30 minutes.

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