Part Number: Q1
Part Number: Q1
The QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover removes scratches, small scratches and traces of colour quickly, effectively and reliably from all shiny and metallic varnishes. No matter how careful you are – scratches in the paint can not be avoided in the long run. A careless moment and the car had contact with a shopping cart. Or a zipper is scraped over the varnish when refuelling. . . annoying! But no problem for the Dekra-sealed product. Enhanced efficacy through Plastic Deformation Technology (PDT).
RRP £13.00
Product Details

REMOVES SCRATCHES - Reliably removes scratchs from all shiny and metallic finishes.

2 COMPONENT SYSTEM - An abrasive paste (Repair no.1) and special polish (Finish no.2).

SIMPLE - Fast and effective application in two steps.

PROFESSIONAL - Quality results for the DIY user.

MAINTAINS VALUE - Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value of the vehicle.

Let's get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs.
Contents: Repair No.1, Finish No.2, professional polishing cloths and 3000 sandpaper
Made in Germany

Product Specifications
Product Data
Brand Quixx
Package Length 20.6cm
Package Width 6.5cm
Package Height 4cm
Package Weight 96g
Country of Origin Germany
Commodity Code 34053010
Barcode 4028778000509
Check Out The Video Content!
Check Out The Video Content!

Repair it yourself! 

Step 1 - Tape

Step 2 - Dampen sandpaper

Step 3 - Lightly sand

Step 4 - Dry and clean

Step 5 - Take repair no.1

Step 6 - Apply the polishing paste.

Step 7 - Polish horizontally and vertically with a polishing cloth. 

Step 8 - Clean, remove tape and excess compound. 

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