Part Number: P9070
Part Number: P9070
The Winning Formula - Petronas Durance Petrol injector cleaner is a cleaner for the whole fuel system of petrol fuelled cars. The product is concentrated and it’s based on a mix of special additives and solvents. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Pour directly into the tank Repeat every 3000 miles / 5000Km In serious cases may be necessary to repeat the treatment immediately. The content of one bottle is recommended for treatment of 50-60 litres of petrol.
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Product Details

INJECTOR CLEANER – best used to clean unwanted deposits from the injectors. 

REMOVE UNWANTED DEPOSITS – a build-up of deposits reduce engine efficiency and power. 

INCREASE POWER & EFFICIENCY – a clean engine improves engine efficiency, mpg and power output. 

MERCEDES F1 PERFORMANCE – Petronas is developed and tested with the world championship-winning Mercedes Petronas F1 race team. 

REDUCE COSTS – reduce maintenance costs caused by a build-up in deposits. 

Product Specifications
Product Data
Brand Petronas Durance
Length 23cm
Width 8cm
Height 4.5cm
Weight 270g
Country of Origin ITALY
Commodity Code 38119000
Barcode 8002565090443
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