Part Number: P9073
Part Number: P9073
Multifunction additive for diesel fuel for cars and heavy-duty vehicles, diesel and turbo diesel. Used regularly all year round, the product improves the efficiency of the engine, extending its useful life; it thoroughly cleans and descales injectors, improves the performance of the engine and the power, raising the cetane number of the diesel fuel. It impedes wear on the pump, even with low sulphur content diesel. Used every 200km for maximum effectiveness.
RRP £7.99
Product Details

MAINTAIN ENGINE PERFORMANCE – the multifunction treatment keeps the engine clean and free from deposit build-up.

WHOLE ENGINE CLEANING – Acts on the complete system to maintain fuel, injection and exhaust functions of the engine.

MAINTAIN POWER & EFFICIENCY – a clean engine improves engine efficiency, mpg and power output – keep it clean with the multifunction treatment.

MERCEDES F1 PERFORMANCE – Petronas is developed and tested with the world championship-winning Mercedes Petronas F1 race team.

REDUCE COSTS – reduce maintenance costs caused by a build-up in deposits.

Product Specifications
Product Data
Brand Petronas Durance
Length 23cm
Width 8cm
Height 4.5cm
Weight 270g
Country of Origin ITALY
Commodity Code 38119000
Barcode 8002565090610
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