Using Our Quick Order Tool

We've created the quick order tool to speed up placing orders when you know the part numbers you want to order! 

Ordering Singles
Simply type a part number on each line and click submit. 




This will add 1 x TSET1 and 1 x TSET2 to the cart.

Ordering Multiples 
To order quantities type a part number followed by a comma and the quantity (no spaces). 




Will add 2 x TSET1 and 100 x TSET2 to the cart. 

Unrecognised Part Numbers 

If a part number is not recognised it will remain on the order pad after submitting. All recognised part numbers will be added to the basket and removed from the pad.

Out of Stock Lines. 

Out of stock products will be highlighted with *** and must be removed from the order before submitting.