Stepping up a gear in cycling products!

Posted on: 5th April 2024
Stepping up a gear in cycling products!

We are proud to announce the expansion of our cycling offering through two new cycling ranges from Simply Brands and Svitol.

Cycling continues to grow in popularity and, especially as the seasons change, cycling enthusiasts will be eager to get back out on the open road and experience the beautiful views the countryside has to offer.

Before this, however, cyclists need to check their bikes over to see what they need to fix or improve before heading out. This provides retailers a great opportunity selling to a cycling community that is passionate about its bikes and is looking for quality products.

This comprehensive range of cycling accessories, tools and maintenance products provides a one stop shop for our retailers to confidently service cyclists too.

The Simply Cycling range encompasses the basic accessories for cyclists, such as universal handle bars, pedals and lights. There are also handle and cycle bags, locks, water bottle holders, bike kickers, as well as the traditional bell. With the repair side of this range, it includes cycle puncture repair kits, tools, brake sets, brake cables, gear cables, as well as tyre pumps and inner tubes. All of these products are durable, premium quality and affordable, providing the cyclist with the reliability they desire.

The Svitol bike care range, available from May, is a complete offering of high quality bike maintenance products for cleaning, degreasing and lubrication, which allows cyclists to improve their bike’s performance, reduce wear and provide protection for its components.

The number one lubricant brand in Italy, Svitol’s dedicated bike range includes disc brake detergent, bike chain lubricant specifically for wet conditions and bike chain lubricant for dry conditions, there is also bike super degreaser, bike detergent and general bike chain lubricant, creating an effective and all-encompassing range.

To further assist in selling and displaying the range, Svitol has an attractive counter display unit available, which comes fully stocked with 18 units – three of each product – to help maximise sales.

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