EV Cable wins Auto Express Award

Posted on: 10th June 2022
EV Cable wins Auto Express Award

Our New EV Charging Cables from Simply Auto have won a 4.5 star rating in the latest Auto Express test!

Driving an electric or hybrid car will almost always reduce your running costs when compared with a petrol or diesel. But increasing energy costs mean drivers will be looking to plug in where there is the chance of some free power, such as a supermarket, public car park or at work.

Extract from Auto Express - Full article can be found here - https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/product-group-tests/357930/ev-charging-cable-test-simply-auto-premium-type-2-vs-juice-booster-2

In addition, there are some big savings to be made by moving to a cheaper overnight tariff, which will allow you to top up at a third of the cost while you are asleep. To take advantage of these cheaper miles, you need to have the right cable to make sure you can top up wherever you find a three-pin socket, so long as the mains wiring is up to the task of charging a car. 

Our leading lead has been the adaptable but expensive Juice Booster, but the Simply Auto cable offers clever technology that lets you time your charges and their speed. It’s not perfect, but it takes the win here. 

Simply Auto Premium Type 2 to UK 3-pin 5M EV cable

Maximum kW: 3.1kW

Rating: 4.5 stars

Contact: jrpdistribution.co.uk

Simply Auto’s new range of charging cables includes simpler (and cheaper) connectors, but we tested the Premium model, which has a fixed three-pin plug and some handy smart features. 

You can manually adjust the current flow between eight, 10 and 13 amps, which allows owners to make the most of the output from solar panels. There’s also a timer to delay the charge to take advantage of cheaper overnight energy.  

Settings are controlled via a simple screen that displays how much charge has flowed through the cable – handy if you’ve got to pay for the energy. It costs at least £150 less than most genuine manufacturer-branded cables. 

See the full range of EV cables here!

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